Code Optimization Workshop

Latest Project: 2022

GAMS provided a custom model optimization workshop to SINTEF, a leading research organization. Through this workshop, we collaborated with SINTEF’s experts to optimize their GAMS model to meet their specific needs.

Our workshop covered a wide range of topics, including expert insights to better structure the code and the input/output Excel files, speeding up simulations, and developing a convenient generalized methodology to automatically run a large number of predefined cases and write the results to separate output files.

As a result of our collaboration, we achieved an efficient and user-friendly separation of model and data, making the GAMS model easier to use and manage. Additionally, we utilized solver option tuning and parallelization to significantly speed up simulations and make the model more efficient than ever before. We also tackled the handling of nonlinear terms in the equation system, which involved the convexification of previously non-convex terms. This approach enabled us to handle nonlinearities more effectively. Furthermore, we introduced a streamlined approach to model logical conditions in an efficient way.

Overall, our GAMS model optimization workshop was highly successful and led to significant improvements of SINTEF’s simulations.