Engine now talks to you

Posted on: 13 Apr, 2022 API Gams Engine Release News

At the heart of the GAMS Engine is a REST API that allows you to communicate via HTTP requests to submit jobs, query job status, retrieve results, invite users, add namespaces, etc. Everything is managed via this API. With the most recent release 22.04.12, Engine now supports sending HTTP requests back to you when a job finishes. This means that you no longer need to poll Engine to find out when a job is finished, but instead make Engine tell you. This can be used to get notified via business communication tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or Discord, or to seamlessly integrate GAMS jobs into your applications.

This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled either for administrators only or for everyone.

In addition, GAMS Engine 22.04.12 also supports assigning a custom tag to a job, a human-readable string to identify a job; jobs can now be shared with user groups so that others can access them; and you can protect your model files from being overwritten to preserve the intellectual property of your models.

And of course, all these new features are also supported by the Engine web interface.

Check out the release notes to find out more!