MIRO Server Deserves a REST

Posted on: 08 Dec, 2021 MIRO Features

A New REST API for MIRO Server

GAMS MIRO is a graphical interface to your GAMS models. Consequently, it is mainly intended for interactive use. With GAMS MIRO Server (introduced with MIRO 2.0 ), we have added a powerful collaboration platform to the MIRO universe. Scenario data and apps can be shared among users and user groups. Similar to MIRO Desktop, administrators can add new MIRO apps or update existing ones via a graphical admin interface.

But what if you wanted to automate things and deploy your MIRO applications to MIRO Server as part of your CI/CI pipeline? What if you could push new forecast data to MIRO Server as it becomes available in your forecasting software? Or how about importing your optimization results directly into your BI system? With MIRO 2.2 all this becomes possible thanks to an all new REST API!

All operations that create, read, update or delete MIRO apps as well as MIRO scenarios are supported. This way MIRO Server can be easily integrated into your existing infrastructure and interact with upstream and downstream systems. Want to learn more? Read our (technical) API documentation .


Better Support of Mobile Devices

Another very visible improvement is that the display of MIRO apps on small screens has been significantly improved. While using older versions of MIRO on a smartphone was possible, but not very nice, you can now use your apps quite comfortably from a smartphone or tablet. You can trigger your GAMS jobs, analyze data, compare scenarios, or simply present your results to others while on the go. Anytime, always available.

In addition, you can add a so-called web manifest to an app. This allows MIRO to be used as a progressive web app on a mobile device. In this mode, MIRO will behave almost like any other regular app on your device.

The screen recording below shows what this looks like1 :

MIRO - Mobile usage

This update enables MIRO users to benefit even more from the advantages of cloud-based applications. However, these are just a few of the many new features in MIRO 2.2. For a complete list, see the MIRO 2.2 Release Notes . Give it a try!

1: Mobile device used: iPhone 8